Will the application fee be refunded if I need to withdraw before the competition date?

Once you submit your application, the fee is non-refundable.  Should you need to withdraw after your submission, you will forfeit your fee.


Do I need an accompanist for the screened Semi-Finals?

No accompanists are allowed during the Semi-Finals.  However, should you advance to the Final Round of the competition, you will need to arrange for an accompanist.          


Will the accompanist fees for the Final Round be reimbursed?

The JPMF will contribute $100 toward the costs of the accompanist for each Finalist.  Each competitor is responsible for any accompanist fees over $100.


On the day of the competition (both preliminary and finals), will warm-up rooms be available?

Yes, warm-up rooms are always available on the day of the competition.  For the preliminary round, there will be two warm-up rooms offered to the next two people in the competition line-up.  For the final round, there will be two warm-up rooms, first offered to the finalists in the first half and then offered to the finalists in the second half.  On occasion, additional warm-up rooms may be offered.


May I use a personal recording device for my performances in the competition?

All rounds of the competition are professionally recorded.  The competitors will receive a CD of their preliminary and final round performances at no extra charge.   Video equipment is not allowed.


Will judges’ comments be available?

Yes; they will be included with your CD.


Who the judges be?

The judges are carefully chosen.  They are distinguished flutists and musicians in the Boston community.   The panel will always consists of a few board members, as well as non-board members who are both flutists and non-flutists.  Judges are also asked on the basis that they do not personally know any of the contestants to prevent biases.


Will the competition be open to the public?

The preliminary round is not open to the public; it is held in camera, behind a screen.   The final round is open to the public.  Anyone may attend free of charge.  The finalists will receive postcards to invite personal family and friends.


When will we hear about the results?  How long does it take?

For the preliminary round, all four finalists will be notified the same evening of the competition by a phone call.  For the final round, the winners are announced immediately following the competition at the post-competition reception.


May we take pictures at the competition?

Cameras are never allowed during the competition.  You are welcome to bring a camera to the reception for personal pictures.  There will also be a photographer on site taking pictures which will be posted on the JPMF website.


I don’t have a car.  Will the competition locations be easily accessible to me?

Yes, all competition locations are located within walking distance to an MBTA subway stop.  They usually occur at a sponsor school on a rotating basis, such as the New England Conservatory, Boston University, or Boston Conservatory.


If I am a finalist, when will I receive a copy of the commissioned piece?

The competitors will all be sent the score as soon as it is available after the finalists are announced, usually within 1 or 2 weeks.