Sergio Pallottelli captivates and dazzles audiences worldwide. As a soloist and avid chamber musician, he has performed in halls of Europe, Australia, US and South America.

Constantly in search of a new composition or a new piece to adapt for the flute, he offers elegant and passionate programming. Pallottelli is equally at home playing and teaching music from the Baroque to our time, as well as music of Latin America.

Having toured Central America and South America for over ten years, he has developed a deep passion for the music of Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Performing music of our time plays an important role in Pallottelli’s career as it is a living continuation of history and musical development; he frequently collaborates with composers to increase the repertoire for the flute and has premiered several new works for the instrument. This always opens new windows of knowledge, brings great freshness to his playing and broadens his musical horizon.

The upcoming season brings recitals and chamber music collaborations in the US, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Belgium. In July 2017 he will be continuing the extremely successful “Flauti al Castello”, a week long flute class in the heart of Tuscany, joined this year by flutist Mark Sparks and will again be on faculty of the Zodiac Festival in France, both events now in their fifth season. Pallottelli is Artist Teacher at Longy School of Music of Bard College in Boston.

He holds performance degrees from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music in Milan, Italy, University of Utah and Yale School of Music. He spent several summers working intensely with French flute legend Maxence Larrieu, who taught with great discipline, style and verve, to make a significant impression on Pallottelli’s playing and musicianship. He maintains a web presence at